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Composite House Report

For more than 20 years, we have helped our customers track commodity pricing through our Composite House Report.

Commodity lumber is traded on the open free market. Supply and demand forces play the major role in whether commodity prices go up or down each day. This volatility means that the commodities FBS purchases on the open market can vary widely in price. Without access to market information and some predictability, contractors can get caught in the grips of fixed price build-job contracts while prices are rising.

FBS provides market information in the form of a monthly report to its customers. The report tracks the market fluctuations. The progress of the market is tracked and a historical perspective is achieved. To do this, FBS established three hypothetical homes of varying sizes and difficulty. The commodity materials used in each hypothetical home remains the same from month to month in order to get an accurate comparison from period to period.

By watching the Composite House Report, a builder can more accurately track the market to know if the homes he or she is building are appropriately priced to ensure a profit. Many Franklin builders read the Composite House Report religiously each month and act upon the information they receive. Some of the most successful builders have been relying on the Composite House Report for 20 years.