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7 Kitchen Trends that are HOT in 2017


If you put kitchen remodeling on your 2017 to-do list you may be looking for some ideas to get your project started. Whether you are planning a do-it-yourself approach with assistance from your local building supply store or are looking to outsource the project to professional designers, this list of the hottest kitchen remodeling trends expected this year will give you some good ideas to start mulling.

Modern-kitchen-designs by Franklin Building Supply

1. Dark Flooring

In the last few years, white cabinetry has been hot on the to-do list and that trend continues this year. However, what's new is adding dark floors to the mix. The dark color will offset the brightness adding a much-needed balance to the room. It also feels cozier and more welcoming, helping to create your desired ambiance and making the kitchen a place your family wants to convene each day. You can find dark flooring options in virtually any material you choose. Hardwood, laminate and tile are all popular options and achieve the balance you are looking for.

2. Gray is Not Going Away

Just like white, gray has been a top color to add to any room as it complements the style and décor no matter what your preference. However, while it has been traditional black & white grayscale that has taken center stage in the past, it's gray undertones that will lead the pack this year. Some of the most popular gray tones you can expect to find are green-gray, purple-gray, and blue-gray. And, unlike the past, you are not limited to paint color. Consider these off-gray shades for your backsplash, countertops, and complementary accessories. Gray, like black, is timeless so your style will shine for years to come.

3. Go With Metal

Silver has been a color added to kitchen décor, accessories, and finishes for decades, but this year we expect to see more industrial-style metals added into the kitchen mix. Consider adding a copper-colored oven hood or even a metal backsplash. While stainless steel is still the most popular metal backsplash homeowners choose for their kitchen remodeling project, other options include punched or hammered tin, copper, and brass. A unique quality of some metals, like copper and bronze, is their evolving nature. Unlike other materials, copper and bronzel will naturally oxidize, which causes their color to change and add a beautiful custom look

4. Start With Bold Floors

When you think kitchen remodeling, the last thing that comes to mind is probably the floor, but maybe it should come first. This year, we anticipate a shift. As homeowners continue to adopt white and gray neutrals to brighten their space, to add personality and color the floor will come first. Consider opting for a bright, patterned tile. Choose a design that speaks to you or matches nearby décor in your dining or family rooms. While a bold choice, this personalized option will be significantly less dramatic than a loud backsplash seen at eye-level.

5. Reclaimed Wood

The reclaimed wood look is not going anywhere soon. Unfortunately, we don't all have local abandoned barns we can ransack, so the next top choice in 2017 is called pecky cypress. And, the great thing is you can add it to anything from your oven hood, to your island, your kitchen table, or even your ceiling. There are few restrictions when it comes to pecky cypress. It's also pretty rare as some estimates predict that less than 10% of cypress trees have the in-demand textured grain found in the particular style wood, making it a perfect choice for people who like to stand out from their neighbors.

6. Look to London

Although British food has always gotten a bad rap, their kitchen designs are worth drooling over. Thanks to the social media platform, Instagram, we are able to easily keep on top of their latest design trends. If you are not yet familiar with the growing app, Instagram is a hotspot for sharing photos, and now video, and we love some of the Brits' style. In particular, @devolkitchens gives us kitchen-remodeling daydreams. Like the trends we've listed above, @devolkitchens adds gray, metal, and bright white highlights to various kitchen remodels, while also incorporating some across-the-pond charm that we can't get enough of. Our favorite 2017 trends mixed with old-world-charm equals "Yes, please!"

7. LBD

Just like the little black dress you need in your closet ensemble, little black designs added to your kitchen remodel might be that inspiration you needed to get started on your project. Stainless steel has been the standard for years and can now be found in the vast majority of new kitchens and remodels. This year, start standing out) and opt for black. Add it to your microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, or anywhere your design heart desires. A new favorite, and what we foresee as a 2017 and beyond trend, is the LG black stainless steel series. It's even fingerprint resistant, so you can have a beautiful space even when little hands are all over your newly remodeled kitchen!

No matter which design elements you choose, the kitchen will always be the place where your family wanders, so make your kitchen into a room you love.

For even more ideas, to get started on your project, or to find a designer on your kitchen-remodeling journey, don't forget to visit your local building supply store.

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