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Fencing Ideas For Your Backyard


Fencing can take on many looks and functions when used in residential settings. It can create privacy, it can be designed for the safety of pets and young family members, or it can be used to add to the ambiance of your home. Below we discuss some of the most common reasons people build a fence here in Boise and the Treasure Valley and give some ideas and considerations for anyone building a fence in our area. For more ideas, tips and tricks stop by one of our local lumberyards to talk to one of our experts and see what we have available for you.  If you’re looking for installation, we offer easy, professional fencing installation out of our Caldwell location.

Franklin Fencing Ideas

Privacy Fencing

One of the most common reasons homeowners put up a fence is for privacy. A tall solid fence made from wood or vinyl will separate your outdoor space from your neighbors. While wood allows for more customization, such as adding a lattice topper or attaching trellises or pergolas for growing vines, vinyl fencing has come a long way in recent years.

Vinyl comes in a multitude of colors and it’s a good choice if maintenance-free-living tops your list when selecting home improvement projects. Keep in mind that many homeowners associations have different rules on what can be used and what can’t; avoid having to replace a fence later by checking before you finalize your decisions. 

Pool Fencing

If you own a pool, fencing isn’t an option - it’s mandatory and for a good reason. In 1997, accidental drowning was the third leading cause of death among children ages 1 to 4 here in the U.S. And for every ten that drown, 36 are admitted to the hospital, and 140 are treated in emergency rooms.

Because the risks are so high, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission developed pool barrier standards and other pool safety recommendations that are available on its website. The best pool fences cannot be scaled by children, which makes wrought iron a common choice. In most cases, your pool fence should be at least four feet high and gates should be self-closing to ensure it isn’t accidentally left open for small children to unknowingly walk in.

White Picket Fence

Many decades ago, the concept of the white picket fence developed as a part of the American Dream. A picket fence - ideally white - is an iconic status symbol for the ideal middle-class suburban lifestyle. It connotes a family with children (and a dog, of course), a large house in the suburbs surrounded by peaceful living. This stems from the concept that most believe a house set in a suburban middle-class neighborhood is a quiet setting, and most have garden areas enclosed by picket fences. Whether you believe in the symbolism or not, the concept can easily be achieved by surrounding your bungalow with a contemporary look and feel. Don’t like white? Change it up to match your home and your personality. Yellow, blue, red, or green can work just as well.


Gates and Entrances

Before you wrap your house with a fence made out of wood or vinyl, start with your entrance instead. Just like your front door adds curb appeal to your home, your gate is one of the best places to add personalization and customization to your fencing. Why not do it up in style? One of our favorite looks is creating an arbor and using the entrance gate to set the stage. Boring won’t do. With wood, you can customize to your heart's desire, making it as elegant or contemporary as you want. Even your hardware can be customized to add your own personality to the look and feel. Of course, you should never stop with just the fencing; play it up with your landscaping too. Fencing may set the stage, but with a little planning, annuals, perennials, vines, and decor can take the look to “wow” status in no time.


The Right Wood

If you’ve decided wood is the way to go, think beyond normal. Anyone can throw up a standard wooden fence and call it done. But one visit to one of our  lumberyards will leave you breathless with possibilities.

How about using wide plank wood to create a more whimsical look? Or turn the boards horizontal instead of vertical for a more modern approach? Who says things have to be done the “normal” way. One of my favorite places to gain ideas is on Pinterest. Head over there and search for “fence ideas.” Up pops a wealth of opportunity just waiting to inspire you. You can even create your own “fence idea” pin board and fill it with your favorites. Then bring it in and share it with us at the lumberyard. We can point you in the right direction to help you get started on your own home improvement project today.


Creating Rooms Instead Of Walls

Fencing may conjure up the idea of separating your property from your neighbors. But what about using fences to enhance your outdoor living space? Use fencing material to create a wall behind your outdoor kitchen appliances. Add a barbecue, a counter workspace, a sink with running water, even a small refrigerator for the most important items of the meal. Fencing can create an elegant backdrop and give your outdoor kitchen more definition. Of course, it can bring in even more privacy, and give you ample space to create a romantic space perfect for a dinner for two.


Color and Stain

Vinyl fencing comes in a variety of colors. And with wood fencing, the possibilities are endless. Select from dozens of shades to match any design you can think of. Or select paint and the world opens up to the color combinations you can create. Choose to match your house, or accent it with a coordinating color. Go wild or go mild. Stay subtle or go bold. You’ll be limited only by your imagination (and maybe your HOA rules).


Blending Into Nature

We all love Boise and the Treasure Valley because of the many things you can do. Head out any day of the year and you’re bound to find something extraordinary to take in. Why not bring a piece of that back home? It’s hard not to get involved with nature in some way if you live around here. Whether you’re more into peaceful gardens or prefer to take a stroll through the woods, with just a little work you can incorporate that look around your home.

Fences may exist for a reason, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep the fence look for life. Blend it into your home by adding lush landscaping all around. Think beyond a few flowers at the bottom, and use the gate to help you enter into another world.


So what’s your desire? How can our conveniently located lumberyards help you create the home of your dreams?

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