Door Production


Are you the right fit for this role? If so, the list of attributes and experiences below should describe you and be reflected in your application and resume: 

  • Self-motivated and possess stamina and focus to perform outstanding work
  • Positive, upbeat attitude
  • Comfortable engaging with team members, share your sense of humor
  • Take initiative to get the work done with little to no encouragement
  • Willing to do more than what is required, happily accept tasks
  • Enjoy working as a team, believe in yourself and welcome feedback
  • Follow instructions and meet deadlines
  • Disciplined to arrive at work on time and have excellent attendance
  • Arrive to work with a smile and an optimistic attitude
  • Don’t procrastinate or take safety risks
  • Care about workplace atmosphere
  • Willing to contribute and be flexible to fulfill the needs of a project 
  • Care for tools and machinery
  • Forthright, honest and consistently do your best
  • Persistent at updating knowledge base

Job Description

A little about the Boise Finish Plant:

The Boise Finish Plant is a warehouse one block from the Boise Lumberyard where doors are manufactured to fill customer orders and finish materials are stocked.  The safety and wellbeing of every employee is at the forefront of everyone’s minds in all that they do.  Employees are valued, they treat each other with respect and they look out for each other.  Balancing work and family is respected and encouraged.  Employees are proud to be owners of the company and work thoughtfully, safely and lean.  This team can handle any challenge that comes their way and finds ways to create an even better outcome through teamwork and creative thinking. 

Let’s share a little about FBS and then we welcome you to apply: 

  • Franklin Building Supply is a lumber and building material company that has been in business for more than 40 years. We have locations spread across Idaho and one in Nevada.
  • We supply just about everything besides plumbing and electrical to build homes. Our focus is on serving professional home builders. Along with supplying materials, we install a wide range of products including framing, overhead doors, insulation, gutters, siding and more. We also manufacture some products including trusses, cabinets, doors and granite countertops.
  • We are 100% Employee Owned. This means that employees earn ownership in our company through their work and build their net worth based on the company’s change in value over time.
  • Our company is full of outstanding people who have been working for Franklin Building Supply for 10, 20 or 30 years. We’re working harder than anyone else in our market to get better every day, adding value for customers and improving the value of our company for our employee owners.
  • We are committed to working safer, smarter and more efficiently than ever before. We are making significant investments in tools, equipment, training and positions like this to help our team reach its potential.
  • Along with competitive compensation, we offer competitive benefits that would be expected including medical/Rx and dental insurance, 401k, paid time off, holiday pay, disability & life insurance, etc.