Driver DOT - Boom Truck Operator


Are you the right fit for this role? If so, the list of attributes and experiences below should describe you and be reflected in your application and resume:

  • Possess a Class A or B Commercial driver’s license with a clean driving record
  • Have a current Medical Card
  • Self-motivated and possess stamina and focus to perform outstanding work
  • Take initiative to get the work done with little to no encouragement
  • Willing to do more than what is required, happily accept tasks
  • Disciplined to arrive at work on time and have excellent attendance
  • Arrive to work with a smile and an optimistic attitude
  • Willing to contribute and be flexible to fulfill the needs of a project 
  • Care for tools and vehicle
  • Carry self with pride, remain calm in a crisis and can communicate with difficult people without being reactive
  • Be willing to be versatile & team-oriented, understand and follow directions