Coronavirus Update

Understanding the impact on our business

Updated: 11/16/20 11 am

As we navigate this unprecedented health and emerging economic crisis we are committed to doing our part to keep our employee-owners, customers, suppliers and communities safe. Under current state or local definitions of essential businesses or critical infrastructure, we will continue operating to support our customers and communities. As those orders evolve or get extended in the coming days and weeks we will update this page to keep you informed.

We are grateful to be able to continue providing employment for our people and we are indebted to our employees for staying the course and committing to doing their work safely in accordance with the extensive safety protocols and procedures we have put in place.

Recent Announcements

  • The most recent updated are bolded.
  • We have added a resource page with links to government, health and other sites you may find helpful.
  • All locations are open.
  • We require the public entering any of our facilities to wear a face mask (11/16/20-1/15/21; we will reassess on 1/28/21):
    • We understand that masks are a contentious issue for some, but we have chosen to follow the overwhelming body of science that has determined that while uncomfortable, masks provide a meaningful layer of protection for you and our employees that is worth the physical or social discomfort.
    • If you are not feeling well or suspect you may have recently been exposed to COVID-19, we ask that you not enter our facility and instead call for curbside delivery.

How our work habits have changed

  • Requiring any employee who is sick for any reason to go home and to stay home until either symptom free (if COVID-19 is not suspected) or cleared by a doctor to return to work.
  • Disinfecting contact surfaces throughout our facilities every hour.
  • Requiring employees to wash hands and be vigilant about personal hygiene including not shaking hands.
  • Maintaining social distancing, including with customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Limiting all non-essential business travel and events.
  • Reducing the flow and handling of paperwork.
  • Requiring quarantines for employees who have traveled to high risk areas recently or who have reason to believe they have been directly exposed to someone with covid-19.
  • Recommending high risk employees, or employees living with high risk family members, to not come into work.
  • Looking for opportunities to serve and care for those this is impacting the most.
  • If we have an employee test positive (or diagnosed by their physician) for covid-19, we have a temporary facility closure and reopening disinfection plan in place.

How our services have changed

  • We offer no contact, curbside delivery at all of our stores.
  • New Home, Remodel or Commercial Construction - Business as usual except things are not usual right now. All deliveries must be without contact and we are adhering to our enhanced safety protocols including social distancing. In occupied homes, we have new procedures to help protect both home occupants and employees.
  • Receiving - We are receiving products from suppliers at all locations but receiving must be done without contact and adhere to social distancing requirements.
  • Customer and Supplier Payments - We are receiving and making payments as usual.
  • Returns may be limited or not allowed for everyone's safety.

We are committed to getting through this together with our communities, our customers, our suppliers and our employees. We cannot predict how long this disruption will last or exactly what a new normal will look once we're on the other side, but after more than 40 years in business we are still looking forward to our next 40 more than ever.

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With gratitude,

Levi Smith, President