Fish On!

2021 Fishing Derby

Fish On! Let's have some fun.

Through November 30th, 2021 we will be giving out monthly prizes for the Best Photo, Best Story, Biggest and Smallest Fish to any employee or their spouse or dependent children, as well as a Grand Prize given out in December.

Submit your photos and stories to [email protected] See attached flyer for more details and see below for some of our current submissions!


This is a people's choice award. The winner will be featured in our January newsletter. To vote for your favorite, please send an email with the name of your choice to [email protected] Voting will close December 15.

Oliver and Charlie Thomas

Ezra Mann

Jacob Daigneault

Ammon Higginson

Korey Magdaleno

Hannah Cox

Jack Vogel

Bryce, Logan, and Blake Bryan

Emma Lowther

Elijah Lowther

Sophie Enochson

Gaitlin Black

October Awards

October Fishing Derby Awards

Jane Vogel, daughter of James Vogel, Boise Truss - Hot Cocoa + Fishing = Happy + Prize

Ken Leavitt, Regional Manager - Perfect Mend award

Coltin Millward, Pocatello - String Full of Fatties award

Mike Nelson, Safety Director - Dog Dad Fisherman award

Jordan Wilde, Pocatello - Needs a new fishing spot award

Justin Osterhout, Twin Falls - FFF (Family Fishing Fun) award

Rayanne Roche, Twin Falls - Catching Customers award

September Awards

Hannah Cox, daughter of Doug Cox: Priceless expression award

Ty Eldred: Body to Fish Size award

James Vogel: Hooking Charlie Tuna award

Jeff Bucklin: Fishmate Centerfold award

Mike Miller: Is that a fish or a worm award

Duane Dowell: Beast of a Cat award

Kathy Weaver: Family Fish-down award

Joey Enochson: Brotherly Love award

October Fishing Derby Entries

James Vogel and his daughter Jane took advantage of a break in the rain Saturday morning to do some trout fishing at Esther Simplot Park. It was chilly, but they had Hot Cocoa, and the fish were biting.

Our Mountain West Regional Manager, Ken Leavitt, spent a beautiful day catching Red Band Trout on the Deschutes River in Oregon.

Coltin Millward from Pocatello finally got to get out and fish. Despite it being a rainy day, it looks like his day was successful.

Mike Nelson can't help but smile when he gets to spend his day fishing with his two favorite fishing buddies.

Justin Osterhout and his wife TiaLisa from our Twin Falls location took their twins fishing over the weekend at Lake Cleveland outside of Burley. Although none of their catches were awe-inspiring, their daughter was having a fabulous time enjoying the excursion.

Jordan Wilde from Pocatello took her niece and son out a few times fishing this past year. Sadly the only fish they have caught so far have been the cracker kind.

Rayanne Roche, our High Desert Credit Manager, spent a few days on the Rogue River in Medford, Oregon catching Steelhead with our customers. Although Rayanne didn't catch the biggest fish in her boat, she reeled in enough for a great trip.

August Awards

Chad and Easton Peterson: Father and Son Award

Kris Jenkins: CJ Strike Award

Betsy Hayhurst’s daughter Emily: First Fish Award

Paul Ludwig: My Trout is Bigger Than Kent’s Trout Award

Dalton Turnbough: Big Ass Bass Award

James Dowen: Fish to Body Size Ratio Award

James Vogel and Family: The Family That Fishes Together Award

Jeff Ward: Volume Haul of the Month Award

Joey Enochson and Family: My Family Fishing Derby Award

Jess Lund: Elko’s Tiger Trout Award

September Entries

Amanda James from Jaguar went fly fishing in the Sawtooths last weekend, which I think we are all jealous of. She was planning on catch and release and said that the releases came a little prematurely as she was the only one to set a hook out of her group of friends. These photos are the only proof she has of a fish ever being on the line.

Ty Eldred from Boise Supply reeled in this 6' 6" dinosaur last weekend. Good looking Sturgeon Ty.

On September 17th James Vogel our Boise Truss Manager, found himself 90 miles off the shore of San Diego, surrounded by live sardines and dead flying fish. James used those as bait to reel in at least three Bluefin Tunas. The smallest of the day was a 15 pounder, then came a 40 pounder. Lucky for James, he had enough muscle and energy left for the long battle that came next, the 200 pounder!

Duane Dowell spent the past month and a half catching "little fish," but he made up for it with this 22" Channel catfish near Hell's Canyon.

If Duane and Joey Enochson keep up this pace, we might be out of fish in the state by November.

Joey Enochson from Design Innovations continues his run of submissions with his first September entry. Joey and his brother returned to their childhood stomping grounds in the Ruby Mountains in Nevada. Sadly we do not have the photo of Joey's brother Eric falling into the lake.

Mike Miller from the Boise Door Shop spent the weekend outside of Lowman, where he found a school of fish. He kept trying and finally caught his first fish in 45 years. He has to start somewhere.

Doug Cox from the Boise Door Shop and his daughter Hannah went to Wilson Ponds in Nampa last weekend, and Hannah caught this nice trout. Doug could not miss the opportunity to take these great pictures of their outing.

Jeff Bucklin from Design Innovations representing the Fishing Derby while catching another trout. Although the fish Jeff caught isn't a monster, he did find some nice vanity plates while on his outing belonging to his mother-in-law.

Kale Black from Jerome's son Gatlin caught this fish while on the family's pontoon boat.

Kathy Weaver from Jaguar spent the long weekend in Riddle, Idaho. "Riddle me this… how do I catch 3 fish – 1 cutthroat and 2 rainbows while the competition fisherman with me only catches one…LUCK!"

July Awards

July Fishing Awards

Dan Otero: Fishing for the Hal-i-but Award

Levi Smith: Takes Two People to Hold this Salmon Award

Korey Magdaleno, son of Heidi: 70-1 Mosquito to Bass Ratio Award

Duane Dowell: The Fish Destroyer Award

Kaylee Stevenson: Family-sized Fish Award

Robbin Fisher: A Fish for Every Fisher Award

Addy, Lance and Lexy Enochson, children of Joey: Keeping Up With Sophie Award

James Vogel: Closest Fish to Body Size Ratio Award

Kalen Thompson: That Fish is on My Shirt Award

August Entries

Wendell Thompson from Boise caught this Black Crappie from the comforts of his kayak.

Joey Enochson and his family had a great weekend at Halverson Lake. Lance hauled in the record for the day of 17 fish!

Paul Ludwig from Pocatello caught this 52" Rainbow in Ennis, Montana.

Dalton Turnbough from Boise Finish is showing off his biggest bass of the year.

Kris Jenkins from Jaguar caught this 17 inch Rainbow at CJ Strike Reservoir.

Chad Peterson from our Boise Door Shop and his son Easton had a great vacation in Iowa, catching fish on his brother's boat.

If Duane keeps this pace up by the time the Fishing Derby is done, there will be no more fish in the state.

James Dowen and Jeff Thomas take the lead for the biggest fish of August with an 87 and 70-pound halibut. However, it should be considered cheating since it happened in Alaska.

Jared Evans from Jerome was outfished by his son Cody on their last fishing trip. Cody caught this 3 pounds 16 inch rainbow trout while Jared caught a 1 pound 13 inch wide-mouth bass.

Jesslynn Lund from Elko was fishing in Angel Lake in Nevada when she caught her first Tiger Trout!

CJ Bridwell of our Jerome Truss Plant caught this 16 inch Rainbow trout at his secret location.

Jeff Ward added another 17 fish to his total for the year.

James Vogel and his family spent the weekend in Anthony Lakes, Oregon hiking and fishing. Every member of the family caught a fish, with Jack catching the biggest of the group.

Wondering how much of a fight this fish put up that Trevor Parkin from our Pocatello Yard caught.

Congratulations to Betsy Hayhurst's daughter, Emily, on her first-ever fish! Emily caught this smallmouth bass on Lake Cascade using a glittered marshmallow.

Brayden Danner from the Pocatello Door shop caught this 7-pound trout just as the sunset at an undisclosed location. He might want to keep the location a secret.

Mike Hoskins from our Pocatello Design Center went fishing with his daughter and grandsons and had a great story from his time fishing.

"Took my daughter and my 4 grandsons, ages 3 to 10, from Iowa fishing, thought I could make this a lean project. I had my bait in one spot, the tackle box next to the bait, and my fishing poles ready to go. Then we sat out to catch some fish. The first thing that happened was the worms came up missing because Garrett, the 3 yr old wanted to play with them. Then the wide-open tackle box got tipped over. The next thing I know, 2 of the fishing poles were tangled. So I started putting all the stuff back into the tackle box; when the 5 yr old asked me what I was doing, I told him that I was trying to be lean on our fishing trip. His response was your kind of fat. So after a day of fishing, we caught 12. It was a lot of fun, but I'm tired and a little overweight."

ike Zimmer from Boise Truss pulled off the unbelievable on his last fishing trip with the successful 2 fish on 1 rig.

July Entries

Frederic Narbonne from Boise Truss enjoyed a calm day getting skunked in New Meadows, but his tides turned when he caught this trout.

Duane Dowell continues his reign of terror over any fish in the state of Idaho as he went to Hagerman and reeled in 16 over the weekend.

Fisher and his family, our assistant store manager in Boise, got lucky on their fish outing, with each member catching at least one fish. Way to go, Fisher family!

James Vogel, Boise Truss Manager, caught this monster of a Bluefin Tuna off the coast of San Diego during vacation. It took him 30 minutes to land this 130 pounder. He was also only using an 80-pound test line.

Dan Otero from Design Innovations and some customers and our American Gypsum rep show off their days Halibut catch in Yakutat, Alaska. They had a successful fishing trip, hitting their limits for the trip. Maybe if you ask Dan nicely, he might give you some fresh-caught Halibut.

Jeff Ward caught a stringer full of Surf Perch off the Washington Coast last week.

Rob Henry from the Boise Truss plant caught this catfish for his first fish of the year.

It was just after 9:00 PM on July 3rd, just outside of Atlanta, Idaho. The fishing was prime, and Jeff Bucklin from Design Innovations was catching a fish on every cast. However, only the miniature fish had received this memo. This was the largest at about 8.5".

Neil Lewis from Burley reeled in this monster salmon.

Here is one of the 30 sturgeon that Heidi Magdaleno's son Tyler caught at Schwartz Sturgeon Pond in Parma.

Kaylee Stevenson from Jag helped reel in this sturgeon while enjoying a great day on the Snake River.

Exceptional salmon caught by Levi while floating Lake Creek north of Anchorage, Alaska.

Kalen Thompson from Jerome Truss used his lucky Fishing Derby shirt to catch these trout over the weekend.

Korey, son of Heidi Magdaleno, caught his personal record bass as well as 70 mosquito bites in Star. He says that the bites were all worth it.

Cole Walters, son of Libby Walters, caught this 15-pound bass on the Owyhee Reservoir.

Duane Dowell from the Boise Cabinet Shop found a new hidden fishing spot. Unfortunately, all he caught were these guppies.

Joey Enochson and his family are not slowing down in this contest with even more fish from their "hot spot" on the Snake River.

June Awards

June Awards

Carrie Morgan- Jerome- Cabo San Lucas- Most expensive fish.

Gwyn Beane- Caldwell- Best Adventure.

Ty Eldred- Boise Supply- Family pure fishing enjoyment.

Bart Hutcheson- Burley- Wow! That’s a great fish Bart.

Jordan Lierz- Di- Best floppy fish expression ever.

Peter Moore- Pocatello- Creative home fishing.

Earl Purser- Caldwell- Great catch of the day with a great smile.

Joey Enochson- daughter Sophie- Di- Natural fishing skills at a young age.

April Awards

April Fishing Awards

June Entries

Jeff Ward caught the mythical headless fish on his recent fishing trip. Let us all hope he did not become cursed for it.

Bart Hutcheson from Burley spent his Father's Day reeling in this monster.

Kalen Thompson of Jerome Truss shows off his expertise using the water frog to reel in this bass.

Jenny Tibbett of Central Estimating spent Free-Fishing Saturday casting and casting with no luck at Malheur reservoir. Her son decided to give it a try, three casts and three fish and the pride of out fishing his family.

Jordan Lierz of Design Innovation took part in the Father's Day Fishing Extravaganza on the Salmon River outside of Stanley. We have no news on who the winner was.

Andrew Mannion, Inside Sales in Boise, displaying his trophies plus possibly the best-looking backdrop we have had thus far.

Mike Zimmer, Truss Designer at Boise Truss and member of our EO Committee, shared this rare picture of him catching this bass in Halverson Lake south of Melba.

Peter Moore, our Inside Sales Manager in Pocatello, caught Fred, this 4" Goldfish, in his backyard pond.

April's award winner Elijah Lowther breaking in his new pole with another Bluegill. Congratulation Elijah. Your practice is paying off.

David Evans from Pocatello reeled in this 8-pound and 5-pound trout, among others.

Carrie Morgan, the wife of Jerome's Operations Manager Jeff Morgan caught this 83" striped Marlin off the coast of Cabo San Lucas.

Olivia, the daughter of Joanne Armolea, caught this 21” jack salmon with her grandpa.

Ron Esta of our Jerome Truss Plant and his family caught these 8 trout, and by him and his family, he means his family as he got skunked on this outing.

Rob Chandler from Pocatello is showing off the haul from his latest trip.

Sophie Enochson, the daughter of Joey Enochson, landed her first fish the other weekend on the Snake River.

Mandy Schofield, the wife of Greg Schofield from Boise Supply, shows off their catch from "some water in Idaho." We know that these monsters put up an excellent fight, which might be why they tasted so good.

Chandler Anderson of our Fruitland store is having a better fishing season already than the Diamondbacks with this nice bass he caught on the snake river.

Layne Bingham from Design Innovation's daughter Taylor showed her persistence with this bass caught below the Swan Falls Dam. It was their fifth fishing trip this year and Taylor's first fish.

Earl Purser of Caldwell entered this year's Father's Day fishing derby to catch the largest bluegill. After an hour-long battle, Earl battled through sore arms and back spasms, this monster. Sadly he reports that he did not win the fishing derby.

Erik Olsen of Twin Falls spent his evening after work catching this 24" rainbow.

Who doesn't enjoy a day fishing from their kayak? Stephen Buffat from our Pocatello Door Shop sure does, as he spent his reeling in these stunning trout. His first catch of the day was even a nice reward for his huskies.

Melissa Daigneault, Kitchen Designer and Cabinet Specialist from Design Innovations, used Free Fishing Saturday to get back into the swing of fishing and caught a few Bluegill out of Sego Prarie Pond in Kuna Saturday evening.

Ty Eldred, our Siding Manager at Boise Supply, caught this log full of fish over the weekend.

Darin Neal from Pocatello caught this 22", seven and a half pounder over the weekend.

Jared Evans of Jerome caught his first walleye with the help of Jeff Morgan.

Isaac Hazelbush from Pocatello caught his first fish of the year, this 14-inch smallmouth bass.

Efrain Rangel from Pocatello went fishing after a long day for these dinosaur fish.

May Awards

May Awards

May Entries

Our first department entry, our designers from Design Innovations, went out after work and had a great time with a few good catches.

TiaLisa Osterhout of the Twin Falls Accounts Receivable team and her husband Justin, the Twin Falls Yard Manager, took their twins Sterling and Lacie on their first fishing trip. They caught four trout but many more memories.

Steven Anderson of Caldwell caught this 2 pound Channel Catfish on the Brownlee Reservoir.

Kyla Winton from Fruitland caught this 4' 3" sturgeon in the north pacific ocean.

Duane Dowell, Master Outdoorsman and Cabinet Installer Apprentice with the Boise Cabinet Shop. He caught this 22" perch at Herrick Reservoir in the rain this last weekend, with 4 more fish, and his buddy/ coworker Rob Johnson.

Welcome to World's Most Dangerous Catch with your host, Kent Jobe!

Ammon Higginson was fishing on the Snake River with his dad, HR Director Seth when their vintage both started to take on water and he landed this 8" catfish. Way to go Ammon. Seth's fish story is that the old boat was once owned by someone named Hemingway.

Joey Green, account coordinator in Boise, with his son Cooper and this 8" rainbow trout. It was the first time fishing together for these boys. First of many in life we hope!

Kellen Palmer, express driver in the Boise yard, caught the first two steelhead of his life on the little Salmon River. This is a big old male, about 29 inches.

During one weekend on the Owyhee Reservoir, Rayanne Roche, our High Desert Credit Manager, and her family caught around 200 crappies and some largemouth bass.

It took two days and about 890 casts in the Boise river from his pontoon but Mike Taylor, the assistant manager at Boise Finish, landed this brown trout.

Laney Morgan, the daughter of Jeff Morgan, our Operations Manager in Jerome, spent the day at a top-secret fishing spot trying to outfish her grandpa. Although this day ended close, it wasn't quite enough to take the victory from grandpa.

Catherine Bedegi from our HR team, with the help of an over 40-year-old pole, caught this Pumpkinseed Sunfish on Mother's day.

Rob Johnson of the Boise Cabinet Shop with his first catch of the season! This monster weighed in at a whopping .3 pounds.

Kyle Whalen of McCall took this of his wife Jill and son Riggins after catching the first small mouth bass of the year, a 3-1/2 pounder!

Jeff Christoffersen's hand and a 10 lb 31-inch catfish from the Snake River near Homedale.

Jacob Daigneault, sixteen year old son of Melissa of Design Innovations, landed this 3-1/2 lb large mouth bass at Julia Davis Park.

Ricardo Rodriguez, designer at Boise Truss, with the biggest grin of May, so far!

This is Joey Enochson, Design Innovations manager and all around funny guy, doing the fisherman's pose. His daughter Lexy is the true angler in the family!

April's Entries

Jack Vogel, 11 years old, with his first steelhead, a 27" female, caught on the Salmon River near Stanley. Way to go Jack! She's a beauty! Jack's dad, James, works at Boise Truss.

Elijah Lowther, son of Aaron, CDL Driver at Boise Supply, caught this baby blue gill in the pond at the Village in Meridian. Elijah was so excited! The blue gill went back in the pond. We hope Elijah and the fish meet again as they both grow up.

Here is dinner for the family, courtesy of Emmah Lowther, caught in the Prairie Pond in Kuna. This fatty steelhead was 20" long. You caught the prize this day Emmah.

Marco Ramirez says "when the fish is the same size as your wife that's when you know you have a good size fish.

Lana Bryan's kiddos, Bryce, Logan and Blake, tearing the crappies out of CJ Strike in April!

Five year old Taelyn Bautista reeled this 6-1/4" bluegill all by herself, giving credit to practice on her Nintendo Wii rather than to coaching by her Dad, Collin, of the Boise yard. Atta girl Taelyn!

Twin Falls driver Erik Olsen caught these hogs after work, fishing on the Snake River.

Carp-e diem to Robert Nilsson of the granite shop in Boise. Family fishing on the Snake River near Marsing is fun, even when only the carp are biting.

Kirk Hadley and Brad Parker of Jerome Truss, fishing with Kirk's sons Kayden and Gavyn

Regional Manager Bryce Luker with a beauty of a trout from the Snake River.

James Vogel of Boise Truss landed this big boy, a 31" steelhead, on the Salmon River near Stanley in April. This was the biggest steelhead of his life so far, but it was more exciting to watch son Jack land his first steelhead.

Jay Cummins, boyfriend of Jodi Whittaker, Twin Falls, caught this steelhead on March 28 (it's so close to April that we'll count it for the contest!). Granddaughter Emily couldn't bear to watch!

Oliver and Charlie Thomas catching trout and showing up their elders!

Duane Dowell with his bait for catching other fish on vacation!

Snake River bass fishing. This is Rayanne Roche's daughter, Danielle, with the big smile. Also pictured is Rayanne with her niece Blakely. FIshing and family is a great combo!

Eric Mann of the Caldwell yard took 5-year old son Ezra fishing to a sturgeon pond. Young Ezra fished for several hours and then told Dad that his arm was sore from catching all these fish. That's within the definition of a "good problem," Ezra.

Hey John Rifelj, did you catch that trout or did it catch you? You are both so serious!