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7 Questions to Ask Before Remodeling Your Kitchen


Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home and deserves a lot of care and attention when remodeling. After all, the kitchen is more than just a place where you prepare your meals.

It's a place for your friends and family to spend time together and a nice kitchen will do wonders for the value of your home. An outdated kitchen makes for an outdated home and undertaking a remodeling project is often a worthy investment. Before you begin a kitchen remodel, however, you should ask yourself these 7 questions:

Franklin Building Supply Remodeling Kitchen Ideas - How to Remodel a Kitchen

1. What is my goal with this remodel?

Before undertaking a kitchen remodel - or any huge project, really - you should have a clear goal in mind. Are you trying to update your kitchen to match the latest trends in home design? Or do you want to allow more light into the home? Perhaps you want a larger kitchen because you spend so much time cooking in there. Or maybe you want to save some floor space or simply upgrade all of your appliances. Whatever your individual goal may be, make sure you have a clear idea in your head of what you want to accomplish. This will make it easier to plan any remodel you have in mind.

2. Can I reuse anything I already have?

Before you begin spending money on building supplies, new appliances, and other items for your remodel, do a thorough check to see if you have anything that can be reused. While many appliances may need to be upgraded to make room for newer, more energy efficient models, if you have any that are still in good working order, there is no reason not to keep some items like the modern cabinet hardware you updated last year just to give your kitchen a little spruce before the larger overhaul. Decide what you want to replace and what you would like to save before making any purchases.

3. How will I use my new kitchen?

Once you have firm style goal in mind when redesigning your kitchen, ask yourself exactly how you intend to use the kitchen in your home. Will you be having frequent gatherings of large amounts of people and doing a lot of cooking? Or are you more likely to be making smaller meals for yourself and your family? The changes you make to your kitchen will largely depend on how you intend to make use of it; this will help inform what building supplies you need to purchase and other remodeling plans you need to make.

4. How will I light this kitchen?

You can have the nicest kitchen in the world and spend months remodeling it into something you're truly proud of, but none of that will really matter if it's not properly lit. The lighting in the kitchen is something to consider early on. It will affect other choices you make in the kitchen, such as whether you can install glossy finishes and what kind of wallpaper, if any, to use.

Does the kitchen have access to a good window or windows? Can the windows be improved as part of the remodel? What kind of lighting fixtures do you have, and can you install more? In 2017 common lighting trends include hidden lighting fixtures in places you may not expect, such as behind wall plates or artwork.

5. What will I do with the cabinetry?

The cabinets and drawers in a kitchen are a big factor in the overall look and style of your kitchen. Even a simple change, such as replacing all of the knobs and pulls on the drawers, can make a dramatic change.

Even though this sounds simple, replacing all the knobs and pulls in a kitchen is a fairly difficult job. If you have a lot of cabinets, are you going to buy a lot of the same handle? Or are you going to look for a couple of different, but complementary, styles? You can also consider replacing all the drawers and cabinets entirely. This is a big project in and of itself but is worth considering if you really want a modern and trendy kitchen. Check your local building supply store for the materials you may need to begin fully replacing your kitchen cabinets.

6. How will my counters look?

The countertops in a kitchen are another feature that have a huge impact on its overall appearance. There are many different styles and materials you can make use of when looking for a new kitchen countertop; marble is a popular and timeless style, but is also expensive, while glass or butcher's block can be equally beautiful and easy to clean while matching up with various different home styles. These are just a few of the options available to you.

You should try to match your countertop to the overall style of your home and consider factors such as convenience as well. If you have a kitchen island in addition to your sink, you can also make use of various different countertop styles. Head to your local building supply store to research the materials you can purchase to begin remodeling your kitchen countertops.

7. How can I upgrade my appliances?

Making use of modern technology in your kitchen can save you a lot of money on energy bills, while also increasing the resale value of your home. Doing a little research into the latest in energy-saving technology will pay off for you in the long run. Use electric, as opposed to gas powered stoves and ovens; glass stovetops will also help you save on your electric bill while being much easier to clean than your other options. Look into energy-saving dishwashers and refrigerators as well. Upgrading appliances as needed will also give your kitchen a newer and more modern appearance.

Once you have answered these seven questions for yourself, we hope that you are ready to begin work on your brand new kitchen remodel! The process can be a difficult one, but with the proper planning and effort, is very rewarding. Head to Franklin Building Supply to begin securing the materials you need to begin your kitchen remodeling project!

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