50 Families | 50 Years

We're turning 50... in 2026!

In anticipation of reaching the historic 50 year milestone, we are challenging our team to contribute time or material to fifty people in our communities who need assistance accessing housing. Follow us on our journey as we transform each placeholder into a picture and brief story - one person at a time.

Ben & Bridget Barrus of Boise have fostered over 65 children and adopted 18! Ben was recently diagnosed with ALS and their home needed remodeled for wheelchair accessibility. We were honored to help with the remodel by donating new doors and hardware. We are hoping for the very best for Ben and his family.

In 2019 our Twin Falls store donated time and material to help some veterans in the community create more space in their homes with new storage sheds. Partnering with contractors and schools from the community, the event was also designed to get more students interested in home construction. To resolve our housing shortage, we need more skilled labor interested in building homes. Veterans - thank you for your service!

In 2020 our Twin Falls store donated time and material to build another round of storage sheds with contractors and students from the community. The sheds were auctioned off with proceeds going to an academy to enable high school students to learn the construction trades. Equipping more students to go into home construction after graduation will help provide the skilled labor needed to build more homes and improve access to housing.