A Thank You From Franklin Building Supply—A Best Place To Work in Idaho and a ProSales Top 100 Supplier

We want to thank our employee-owners and customers for making Franklin one of the Top 10 Places to Work in Idaho and helping us rank so high in the ProSales Top 100

All of us at Franklin Building Supply are both honored and humbled by two separate awards we recently received. One celebrates the culture and choices we’ve made to ensure we’re a place where people want to work and do business. The other recognizes that you can not only be a great place to work, but also build a successful business that will endure. Both, however, demand that we place recognition where it truly belongs—with our employee-owners who show up day after day ready to share their expertise and do the very best job they can do and with our customers in Idaho and Nevada who trust us, job after job, to supply the building components and quality supplies that keep everyone working.

Top 10 Best Places To Work in Idaho

Our first award this year was from Best Places To Work in Idaho. For our second consecutive year, we ranked in the top 10 places to work in Idaho. In addition, we were the only lumber and building material supplier to be in the top 10. We credit this achievement to the dedication and hard work of our Franklin Building Supply employee-owners. We are proud to be 100% employee owned and know that creating an environment where shared success benefits all is part of creating the culture that has allowed us to be named a top place to work. As we state in every one of our job descriptions, our “employees earn ownership in our company through their work and build their net worth based on the company’s change in value over time.” Every time we hire an employee, we’re bringing on another owner to add to our successes, build our company culture and bring value to our company.

Every day, we’re thankful because we know we can stake our name on our upbeat, professional workers who love what they do. We understand the critical importance of giving the right person the right job and then offering training and continuing opportunities for advancement that build our overall talent and skill sets. From our framers in our floor and roof truss plants to our cabinetmakers, carpenters and millwork experts as well as our lumberyard laborers, installers, granite fabricators, drivers, design specialists and more, at Franklin Building Supply, there’s a place for anyone and everyone who wants to excel at what they do.

We earned our spot in the top 10 places to work in Idaho because of what our employees—our owners—experienced, felt and said on the record. In return, we continue to believe that our employees deserve an effective atmosphere of mutual respect that encourages everyone to thrive. We believe that people deserve to be compensated fairly for their efforts and that we all deserve competent coworkers who we can trust. Recognition from one’s peers is always an honor, but when hundreds of your own employees express actual happiness with their job and place of work, it affirms our commitment to and investment in everything Franklin Building Supply stands for.

ProSales Magazine Top 100—Top 50 Even!

Our second award came from ProSales Magazine - ProSales tracks not only the latest advancements in building materials, products, tools and building techniques but also shares best business practices and strategies and the latest developments in the lumber and building materials industry. Each year, it also lists its top 100 U.S. professional-oriented building materials distributors, ranking them by the dollar volume of sales to professional contractors.

Franklin Building Supply came in well above the halfway mark, ranking 36th with no less than $181.7 million in total sales for 2019 and 90 percent of that Pro Sales—that is, sales to the professional contracting market.

So, we salute not only our dedicated employee-owners who work tirelessly to fulfill Franklin Building Supply’s mission but also all of the professional contractors, subcontractors and tradespeople who have chosen to become our loyal patrons and partners over the years. You’ve helped us to build, expand and continue to grow year after year.

Your trust in us means we can offer the complete menu of residential construction supplies—from framing lumber and engineered wood products to custom-engineered building components like wall panels and floor and roof truss systems. Your investment means we can supply all the doors and windows you need from top manufacturers, as well as the shingles to get it all under roof and the casings, mouldings and millwork that elevate skilled building to craftsmanship. From siding and decking to insulation as well as the tools, accessories, adhesives, fasteners, sealants and wraps, it’s your patronage that allows us to carry what you need so you can get the job done.

Moreover, your continued support lets us expand the breadth of offerings throughout not only our lumberyards but also our full-service design centers where you can select every detail from quality custom cabinetry to the stylish counter, tile and flooring choices your clients want.

Because we want to continue to be your home for building from beginning to end, we’ve bolstered our investment in the services you need to run your own business like materials takeoffs, cost estimates, installation services, staged delivery services, in-house air tool repair and deck design. It’s our way of saying thank you, making your job a little easier and reinforcing the worth of our professional partnerships with you—through the unbeatable service we feel you deserve.

Our Sincere Thanks and Invitation to Another Successful Year of Building

To all of you who make these accomplishments possible, we thank you and look forward to another successful year just as good or maybe even better for all of us—our employee-owners and our building pros, all of you talented people who understand what building something worthwhile is all about. To those of you who have never partnered with us on a project, we invite you to stop by for a visit at one of our full-service lumberyards, truss plants or design centers. Every day, we look forward to sharing our expertise and services. It’s how we all build and grow.