Rick & Rhonda Employee Ownership Honorary Scholarship

College Scholarship

Starting in 2023, and for the twenty years to follow, FBS will award five $1,000 scholarships to eligible individuals as described below to pursue educational advancement. The intent of these five annual scholarships is to honor the employee ownership legacy left by Rick Lierz and Rhonda Millick when they sold 100% of the company to employees in 2015.


As of date of scholarship application through date scholarship funds are awarded, an eligible individual is anyone who is either an employee of FBS or a legal dependent or legal spouse of such employee who is pursuing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

An eligible individual may only be awarded this scholarship once.


For eligible individuals as described above, awarding of the five scholarships is based on financial need and education aspirations as assessed by FBS in its sole discretion using personnel and processes as directed by the CEO, CFO and HR Director.

Application Requirements

  • Applications are accepted from June 1 to June 20. Applications received before June 1 or after June 20 will not be considered.
  • Applications must be emailed to HR at [email protected] with “Scholarship Application” in the subject and the required application letter described below attached in Word, PDF or similar file format.
  • Applicants must type a 600 word or less letter explaining why he or she would be the most deserving recipient based on the applicant’s financial needs and educational aspirations. Application should include description of the associate or bachelor degree program being pursued. Letters exceeding 600 words, handwritten or otherwise not in compliance with requirements will not be considered.

Awards Notification

Each of the five applicants selected for the scholarships will be notified on or about July 15 by email. Scholarship funds will be made available to be paid directly to the applicant or educational institution as requested or preferred by the applicant. Scholarship funds will be distributed before the end of August.